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Thank you for your interest in Blomma Flicka Flowers!  We are a floral design company located in northern Vermont.  We take an artisanal approach to floral design, sourcing the most beautiful materials from our local fields, woods, and gardens, as well as the most exquisite and unique blooms from the country’s most dynamic wholesale markets. All of our work is custom, so we approach each event with a custom proposal and estimate.  We do have a minimum of $6,000, which includes materials, travel costs, design, assembling, and day-of presence. If you are interested in receiving a preliminary proposal and estimate to decide if you would like to work with Blomma Flicka, please provide as much as the following as possible.  (Even a few bits of the information below is enough for us to start with!).  We will return with a preliminary proposal and estimate within a week.


Colors liked:
Flowers liked:
Numbers of guests: 
Numbers of bridal party:
Table style (round versus rectangle):
Ceremony location (indoor vs. outdoor):
General feel/theme:
Pinterest boards and/or images liked:

Photographer / Planner / Other key vendors booked: 

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