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"Flicka, meaning girl in Swedish, is a nickname my father had for my mother.

Blomma is Swedish for flower." - Danika

 I was imbued with plants from the beginning.

             My mother was an avid gardener. She and my father, both of Swedish roots, were drawn to the land. My siblings and I were fortunate to be brought into their world of vast, magical flower and vegetable gardens.  As children, we spent hours in the gardens and were surrounded by new seedlings and rare varieties, my mother’s particular passion. 

Our parents' love of plants was infectious and at a young age my brothers, sister, and I were encouraged to fill our own patches of ground with favorite plants.  I left the gardens to study biology and literature at Middlebury College, but I was drawn back to the wilds of northern Vermont.


To this day the layers of sensual delight I find in the gardens, fields, and woods draw me constantly.  Blomma Flicka was born naturally of this love. To collect from nature’s bounty and assemble beauty to grace a day of celebration is a joy.  Creating for events fills my senses in every way.  Whether it is a silky linen, perfectly hued candle, deliciously fragrant flower, or a moment captured in flawless soft light, it has been one of the deepest pleasures of my life to work closely with couples and fellow creatives to bring elegant events and collaborations to life. 


Today I organically grow my favorite flowers on land my mother once cultivated, always drawn forward and backward by the rare and unusual varieties she so loved.  


Danika has studied floral design with world-renowned florist Ariella Chezar

and herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain Herbal. 

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